Finding someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with is not an easy task. After years of going on bad dates searching for the one, you finally find the ONE and, after dating for a while, you decide that it is time. It’s time to get down on one knee and ask the big question that will begin your love story together.

Then it hits you “How should I ask”? With all the extravagant ways you have seen in the movies, or even on social media a proposal is no small task. Why not take a romantic trip away, so it can be just the two of you with no distractions from the outside world? And why not Italy? Why not Sorrento Sunland? A destination proposal is one way to blow her away when you get down on one knee.

Like any proposal, a destination proposal needs to be planned. Are you going to do it at dinner, or would you like a private event, maybe on a boat, at the beach, or a five-star hotel, at dawn with a serenade? Not very easy…

At some point in the planning process you may get stuck, and that is when you hire a wedding/proposal planner. Often wedding and proposal planners go hand and hand. Sorrento Sunland is here to make every detail go right making this one of the most magical days of her life.

Even if you want a simple proposal with just you and your partner alone, you will want a photographer to capture the monumental moment. If you are choosing a destination proposal choosing the right photographer comes with some challenges. When you hire a wedding planner, they know wedding photographers like the back of their hand. They have likely worked with them in the past, so they know the best ones to capture the moment.

On the other hand, you may have seen the extravagant proposal in the movies and want to wow your significant other with the way you ask. You are driving down the coast when you decide to pull over at the beach. Maybe you are in a vintage car or a horse and carriage.

As you walk down to the beach, music starts to play in the background. Then they start to serenade your significant other. You can hear the sea waves hitting the sand below you. In the background the sun is setting as you get down on one knee.

If on a boat, eyes in eyes, you can see the mountains over the water while the sun begins to set cascading orange light over the water. The boat is decorated with string lights and flowers while music begins to play in the back. Your significant other is distracted by the beauty while you get ready to propose.

While these are both beautiful ways to propose they take a lot of planning. Knowing who to contact and the timing of each part of the proposal can be a challenge. Sorrento Sunland planners know how to plan every detail. They know the vendors that are best to work with in the area, and most of all you will not have to worry about your big moment going wrong.

A proposal is a moment in your life that you will relive through telling stories to your loved ones. Make it a magical moment by having a romantic destination proposal. Make it in Italy.

Let Sorrento Sunland help you make it…