Excited for your engagement? The reality of planning a wedding sets in now! Although this is an exciting time in your life, planning a wedding comes with many choices. Those choices lead to the stress of making your wedding the best day that it can be. There is a way, definitely THE WAY to reduce the stress of planning a wedding, and that is a wedding planner.

Sorrento Sunland has the experience of planning many weddings to help your big day go smoothly.

Planning a wedding takes time. Should you start with the flower arrangements, picking the date, or should you pick the venue? A wedding planner knows where to start from:  we know what needs to be done each step of the way, we know where to keep going, so the time to plan your wedding will be cut in half, and on top of that less stress for you.

Picking the right venue for your ceremony and reception is an important part of your wedding. Where you get married will be a part of you for the rest of your life. And Italy will proudly remain in your memories forever.  Wedding planners have preset recommendations on where to go for your wedding. We have worked with “our” places in the past, so have a better understanding of how they operate. This is especially true if you are choosing to have a destination wedding.

Then, once you have the venue, it’s time to start gathering all the suppliers that you will need. A wedding requires many suppliers for the event to run smoothly. You will certainly need a photographer & video maker, a florist, ceremony & reception musicians, a makeup artist, beautician, a vintage car and more. Not to mention the likely legal/religious requirements. So why not take the recommendations of someone who has been there before? Sorrento Sunland have worked with vendors and suppliers for a long time  and know the reputation that they have in the field!

Moving onto the flowers. The flowers can make a wedding look like a princess garden if they are done right. You must make sure that you have the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. On top of that you will need flowers to frame your wedding moments with perfume and favourite colours. All the flowers need to match, so the wedding looks like one beautiful event in perfect harmony!

Then on The Day of the event you must make sure everything is set up exactly the way you want: flowers on the right side, carpet under your shaky knees, family and friends there in their place, as you have worked out a proper seating arrangement. Ops, would you call this last “a detail”? Not for us, we don’t think so, at Sorrento Sunland – knowing in which row, on which chair to sit is as important as all the rest!

You can get ready for your “ I Do”, while the wedding planner checks the venues, gets the guests in their seats, gets the music ready, and of course helps you on your big day. A wedding planner being there during your wedding ensures that you will enjoy the day instead of stressing about those last-minute details.

Although it may seem like saving those extra couple of bucks is a good idea, it may not be that way when you are at your wedding day. A wedding planner has years of experience that will become very beneficial for your wedding day. The benefits of hiring Sorrento Sunland as YOUR wedding planner are endless. We promise nothing will go  wrong!

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